We have digital classrooms for providing "Technology-enabled" learning environment where Student learning and Interaction with the professor is fully supported through strategic use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). So we are trying to develop future skills in students such as critical thinking, creativity and communication.


The entire campus is Wi-fi enabled with a high speed internet connection to allow the students to access the internet no-matter wherever they are.


Keeping in view the increased emphasis on technology, the institute has developed computer centre with broad band connection. The lab is equipped with sufficient number of computers having latest configuration and software’s.


PCOP department of our institute has established a herbal garden in the campus having more than 150 plants of medicinal use to teach students about the evaluation and extraction of drugs obtained from plant source.


The institute possesses a museum exhibiting more than 100 crude drugs, herbarium sheets, botanical specimens, and anatomical specimens, charts of drugs and plants, colored slides of medicinal plants, all types of pharmaceutical glassware’s & containers of medicinal usage, 30 charts of herbal drug information from National Medicinal Plants Boards (AYUSH) and marketed dosage forms with different packages & label designs.


The institute possesses a seminar hall designed to facilitate interaction and face-to-face discussion among students with seating capacity of 200 people. The hall plays host to guest lectures, seminars, various presentations and all cultural events.


The cafeteria provides well hygienic snacks at reasonable costs to the students and staff & is always packed with students celebrating their treats. It is provided with separate sitting arrangements for staff and students. It is opened 6 days a week. The cafeteria is surrounded with lush green landscapes with sitting facility